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Welcome to Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office chairs are essential to both commercial and home office environments. Office workers spend an average of 6 hours per day behind a desk. This amounts to 30 hours per and approximately 900 hours per annum in the seated position. These rather conservative statistics emphasize the importance of ergonomically designed office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are proven to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury caused by many hours spent an incorrect seated position. Ergonomic chairs help the operator to improve his/her posture while sitting at a desk by offering adequate lower and upper back support. Ergonomic chairs come standard with adjustable armrests which when used correctly by supporting the operators elbows while seated. This alleviates tension in the neck and shoulders while at work behind a desk. Ergonomic chairs are stocked for fast delivery purposes.

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Orthopaedic Office Chairs

Orthopaedic Office chairs are ergonomically designed chairs which offer fixed/static lumbar support. Unlike synchronized chairs, orthopaedic office chairs do not allow for dynamic synchronized movement. The purpose of an orthopaedic chair is to correctly support the operators spine and hips while in the seated position. Those who suffer from back injuries and/or ailments require a static supportive sitting position with maximum lumbar support. Orthopaedic chairs are highly adjustable so as to accommodate for all body types. Injected molded foam is used in the seat and backrest so that the chairs seat and backrest maintains its shape and density. Orthopaedic office chairs are stocked in black Vulcan fabric for fast delivery purposes.

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Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Heavy Duty Office chairs are designed to withstand loads of up to 170 Kgs for 8 hour per day usage. Heavy duty chairs are essential for heavy duty staff. Standard office chairs carry a maximum weight load of 120 Kgs. Staff members weighing in excess of 120 Kgs should be given a specialized heavy duty chair. These chairs are a sure investment for business owners to assist in preventing injury in the workplace caused by chairs breaking and/or collapsing beneath people while in the seated position. Heavy duty chairs can be upholstered and configured to suit all levels of business.

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" Ergonomic chairs support the spine and hips while in the seated position offering comfort and support to the operator preventing repetitive strain injury. "

Our Office Chairs

Click on any one of the above chairs that we have in our artillary so see more and find out more about them. Our chairs cater for all types, from heavy duty chairs, to ergonomic chairs. We specialise in chairs that give you the greatest value. You spend half your day sitting, why not be comfortabile while doing it?

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